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Plastic dreams by Pol Kurucz

The ArtSommelier Team

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In the fall of 2022, the world-famous Hungarian-French photographer, Pol Kurucz’s exhibition titled ‘Plastic Dreams’ opened its doors, organized by Hotel Clark and Leo Bistro. At the iconic exhibition – which went completely against traditional photographic norms – of the artist who divides his life between Brazil, the United States of America, and Hungary, we were able to see artworks that have not been shown in our country before.

After New York, Miami, London, and Los Angeles, Pol’s first major domestic exhibition took place at Art Corner. Thanks to the joint work of the artist’s local management, The ArtSommelier, the collaboration was also a co-thinking process. We have already seen Pol Kurucz’s distinctive photos and digital art at prestigious exhibitions, leading fashion magazines, and renowned galleries worldwide. When creating his works, he collaborated with world-famous athletes and musicians such as Mike Tyson, Nicki Minaj, Saweeti, and H.E.R., among others.

Pol’s images have appeared in more than a hundred publications, including prestigious magazines such as Vogue, ELLE, Glamour, Marie Claire, GQ, The Guardian, CNN online, BBC online, Dazed, Paper, Hunger, Sleek, and Nylon.