Emotional, society


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Péter Weiler

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Multimedia artist


Emotional, society

Peter Weiler is a Hungarian multimedia artist working primarily with digital tools. Coming from a family of architects, his main focus is the human psyche in the built, modern, urban environment. With subtle humor he creates snapshots of contemporary challenges, blending street philosophy and graffiti quirkiness. His colorful works deal with the political and emotional aspects of life, deeply rooted melancholy for loss of time, and the changing cultural scenery that is apparent in design, architecture and the human interaction. Weiler often blends art history and the contemporary art scene in his themes, juxtaposing the banality of modern city life with the privileges and comfort of our society. He is the creator of the first fine art-NFT in Hungary and spends more and more time on the implementation of new ideas in the Metaverse.



Péter Weiler / Enikő
Péter Weiler - Incident
Péter Weiler / Hungarian spirit
Peter Weiler / Sailing boat
Peter Weiler / Jump
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