Levitation – Exhibition opening at 26

The ArtSommelier Team

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Presenting the new artworks by painter Anna Ábrahám and mixed media artist Olya Tereschuk was one of the highlights of the 2023 spring art events. Twentysix is the first of its kind, a cozy urban jungle and feel-good hub for all the nature and gastro friends of the Hungarian capital. The concept of the exhibition „Levitation” referred to the rise and weightlessness, one such to a peaceful state, which belongs to human desires and dreams. Anna’s artworks showed the viewers a very special state: lightness, airiness and, meanwhile, harmony with the forces of nature. A state, where one can accept change. She also used new materials like steel and iron, while experimenting kintsugi in practice as well. This is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with different materials.Olya’s practice was presented in three main direction that artist switches between: Horizons/embroidered landscapes, embroidered textile collages and minimalistic statement embroidery pieces Most of Olya’s works are built on familiar to our eyes natural landscape forms then taking the viewer to an imaginary world of shapes and reflections where they can relax and meditate. Collectors of Olya’s work often say that the work brings them back to a happy place in their childhood, they connect the serene sceneries from the art piece to the feeling of being a happy child and a careless but curious wonderer, observer of the nature – something that we, adults, often miss from our lives.