The forest of unrooted trees – Olya Tereschuk’s first solo exhibition

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Olya Tereschuk’s first solo exhibition entitled „The forest of unrooted trees” is on view until April 29 at the cult meeting place of Széll Kálmán tér, in the special atmosphere of Easy Art Space. At the exhibition opening on April 4, the contemporary art-loving public could see the artist’s new series for the first time, learning about her inspiration and the special nature of his creative process: the connection between painting and hand / machine embroidery. At the event, Zsolt Prieger, head of Anima Sound System, introduced the guests to his unexpected and fateful encounter with Olya’s art.

Olya’s focus and research are driven by her background. She was born and raised in Novosibirsk (Siberia, Russia) and twice in her life she has relocated to another country and another culture away from her family. The immigrant trauma, loss of connections, closed borders, disappearing memories of motherland and passed childhood, trauma of attachment in a context of relocation and current political landscape – all this is a subject of research in her practice. In the “The forest of unrooted trees” work series she identifies people with trees. Trees in this work are the symbol of clan, bloodline, roots, and a person’s attachment to a place. She is using threads, often broken, to refer to the cut connections and to raise the matter of its future effect on people’s lives.  Embroidery is a medium of the choice in her practice as traditionally it’s considered to be a feminine skill that was passed down the generations (in Olya’s family too). It allows her to work with canvas as with fabric (traditional way), unlike with just a flat surface when painting. These referrals to femininity are important in Olya’s work as women were and still are traditionally considered as a family keepers, responsible for building families, connections and bringing new life into the world.

The new series includes twelve works of art, in materials ranging from canvas to organza to velvet. The outstanding piece of the composition is the double tondo „Blood and milk”, which symbolizes the wonderful intertwining of mother and child through the metaphorical representation of blood and milk. The exhibition was opened by Zsolt Prieger, the head of Anima Sound System, whose song „Fjodor Mihajlovics” from the group’s latest album was given relevance. In the visual accompanying the song, Olya Tereschuk’s work entitled „Invisible trauma III” can be seen. The pieces of the exhibition on display at Easy Art Space until the end of the month can be purchased through art management The ArtSommelier.

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