Reflective Realities / New York Moods

The ArtSommelier Team

In Event, Exhibition Posted

A special, one-night-only exhibition for Zoltán Marek’s newest set of photographs from and about New York.

The „Reflective Realities” series was presented in an exceptional exhibition, which was deliberately on view only for one evening. It invited the guests on a mystical adventure, where the reflections photographed through the window panes captured the rich diversity and diversity of the rushing world in a single frame. Each work was a mysterious mosaic, in which the boundaries of time and space were blurred, and in a single moment one could discover the happenings of countless worlds. The deeper messages and hidden tales of the works encouraged guests to look at the depicted reality in a different light. This exhibition opened up new perspectives and revealed hidden stories for all those who are willing to look behind the photographs and, through it, their everyday lives.

The ArtSommelier teamed up for this special event with Samsung, Máriásy Winery and Premirum Europe. Thank you for your trust and sharing our vision for the night.